INC INDUSTRY MORNING HKK-01SN Nickel Satin Doorknob, Electronic Touchpad Door Knobs

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MORNING INDUSTRY INC HKK-01SN Touchpad Electronic Doorknob, Satin Nickel

Product Description

The Morning Industry Touchpad Electronic Door Knob allows you to unlock and lock their doors without keys. By simply typing in a 2 to 8 digit code into the touchpad, you can easily enter and exit their building. Boasting convenience, security and affordability all in one, this door knob is great for house guests, service personnel, children or when hands are full. Installation is easy since no wiring or drilling is required this door knob fits into any standard door prep. The latch is adjustable to fit in both 2.38" and 2.75" back sets.

From the Manufacturer

Touchpad entry door knob, lets you lock and unlock your door without keys. Convenience, security, and affordability all in one. Great for house guest, service personnel, children, or when you hands are just full. Works on a 5 pin SC-1 Keyway, Easy Installation-No New Wiring that fits Standard Door Prep. Comes with a Glow in the Dark Keypad, 2 traditional keys, and a 2-3/8-Inch (60mm) or 2-3/4-Inch (70mm) adjustable latch. Mounts door thickness of 1-1/4-Inch (30mm) up to 1-7/8-Inch (48mm) with audible tones for lock, unlock and low battery. Requires 4 AA Batteries sold separately.